February 10, 2018



CLIENT: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (CCIFV),
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs / French Institute
ARCHITECTURE: T3 Architecture Asia (T3 Architects),
Sicart & Smith Architects (SSA), Archetype (Detail Design)
LANDSCAPE: Interscene

T3 just designed the future FRENCH HOUSE or MAISON DE FRANCE, French Business Center (Private) and French Cultural Institute (Public) on a plot located in the Center of Ho Chi Minh City. The main intention was to preserve and restore the French Indochinese Villa and designed a new contemporary bioclimatic 6 storeys Building around, keeping all existing Trees and the nice Courtyard to organize some cultural events: cinema, concert… New Building have been designed following the “double skin” facade concept, to get the best protection against sun and rain at the same, having an aluminum mesh power-coated allowing the air to passing through to optimize the natural ventilation of all circulation: corridors, staircases… No windows are directly exposed to the sun, to avoid overheating and keep the building as cool as possible. The mesh is also a great support for vegetation, so we can get a green facade in few months due to the tropical climate conditions of Saigon. The intention is to bring nature into the city (biophilic cities), to get more freshness and biodiversity… Some cortene steel elements (windows, portico) allow some direct views on the garden and create a strong consistency between landscape (fence, vegetable square garden) and architecture. The yellow color palette is a reference to the historical architecture in Vietnam, proposing a dialog between Past (Villa) and Present (new contemporary green Building).

Bioclimatic facade under Tropical climate

T3 designed the facade of the French House to allow the natural ventilation of all “circulation” areas (no need AC as to save energy) and protect the building against direct sun. Indeed, the aluminum mesh specified by T3 gets those caracteritics: sun shade and ventilation. The mesh panels will be also a support fo vegetation to grow along the facade to get Nature and more freshness.

Master Plan Concept

The French House takes place in the previous previous French School in Ho Chi Minh City composed by a Villa form the French Period (1930) and a building fron the ’80. Designers decided to preserve the French Villa, to restore it following the Art’s rules and turn it in a French Restaurant at Groud Floor and an Art Gallery at 1st Floor. The 80′ building is demolished to build a new 6 storeys buildings, “L” shape, with a contemporary tropical Architecture style to balance the Past and the Present.

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